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AHA Toner 40ml

AHA Toner 40ml

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A gentle enough formulation to use on sensitive skin, our AHA toner is a blend of lactic (4%), Malic (4%) & Glycolic acid (4%) with an all around PH of 3. This product Naturally encourages the removal of dead skin cells improving your skin tone and texture.

This effective exfoliant is hand made with vitamin B5 which leaves your skin feeling hydrated, smooth & dewy. The perfect foundation for an all day glow.

Volume: 40ML

Made without the use of SLS or Parabens or synthetic fragrances.

How long will this last me? - 6 months,  2 pumps 3 times per week


  • Lactic, Malic & glycolic acids (4%)
    • Best known for improving skin texture and tone by encouraging the removal of dead skin cells. 
  • D Panthenol AKA Vitamin B5
    • The moisture powerhouse that provides those immediate dewy glow after using our AHA Toner
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