About the store.

Forage & Fill exists to be the premier resource within Revelstoke & our region for circularity & waste diversion. Everything we do is centered around reduced impact. 

In our storefront you'll find Canadian made zero waste lifestyle products, a vast array of refill products & curated consignment. 

In addition to our storefront services we are proud to offer the Sustainable & Circular Accommodation Program.

S.C.A.P. allows ease and accessibility to zero waste systems for the accommodation industry. This in hand services the growing desire of sustainable tourism that is continuing to be seen.


About the owner. 

Jenise has resided in Revelstoke since 2011. A lover of skiing, snowboarding, climbing and biking, good food and friends.

Although through the years her passion for sustainability and climate action created a larger need for purpose; to actively do her part to reduce and help others reduce their impact on the environment. Her first project is Thuja (pronounced too-y ’ a), an online platform that rigorously rates and vets sustainable brands, ensuring the platforms users have peace of mind knowing their money isn ’t supporting something detrimental for the environment. Thuja is also active in the community spearheading such initiatives such as Revelstoke's Sustainable Tourism Guide & The Revelstoke Green Business Network.

Life, and a good friend happily led her to Forage and Fill. Trained in accounting, but not wanting to remain in the industry, she hopped on the opportunity! Jenise is incredibly motivated and passionate about creating a resource for Revelstoke and the surrounding communities to heavily reduce their impact on the environment. Nothing makes her happier than creating strong relationships with her customers and clients.